Oakbrook, Ill.,
14:45 PM

The Grommet Welcomes Etsy & Amazon Inventors: Sell Product And Build Your Brand With Us, Instead

The Grommet, the inventor’s e-marketplace, is welcoming Etsy and Amazon sellers to consider an alternative model to paying unpredictable and rising fees for ‘administration’, advertising and now ‘fuel and inflation’.

Boston-based and founded in 2008, The Grommet earns its revenue by partnering with promising inventor-sellers, then working together to reach potential customers and build their brands.

“At The Grommet, we treat our inventor-sellers as partners, because that’s what they are,” said company President Kim Lefko. “When they succeed, we succeed. Our goals are aligned— more product sales equals more revenue for all parties involved.”

Inventor-sellers on The Grommet get individual contracts that delineate consistent and predictable pricing terms, the opportunity to lock in large purchase orders with The Grommet (which actively buys inventory from successful partners) and the opportunity to grow even further by selling into partner Ace Hardware and its 4,740 brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S.

And The Grommet covers shipping to customers and doesn't burden the Partner-Inventors with this cost - a decidedly competitive advantage in this environment of rising shipping costs.

‘Before they were big’, leading brands like Fitbit, OtterBox, SodaStream, BananaGrams, S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottles, and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day once built their brands on The Grommet’s e-marketplace.

On April 11th, Etsy raised transaction fees on sellers — raising prices for buyers— by 30 percent, from 5 percent to 6.5 percent.

As of Friday, April 15th, more than 79,000 had signed a petition asking Etsy to cancel its fee increase.

Starting April 28th, Amazon will add a ‘fuel and inflation’ surcharge of five percent to fees it collects from third-party sellers using it for product fulfillment.

Learn how to partner with The Grommet here:  https://www.thegrommet.com/about-us


About The Grommet

Grommet, a US-owned online consumer retailer, through its innovative online platform and comprehensive process for curating new-to-market industry-leading consumer products, is changing how consumers find and buy products online from small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs.

Since 2008, Grommet has launched over 3,000 products from small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs, building a community of over 4 million loyal customers. Among these products, are now household names like Alex + Ani, Bananagrams, Bombas Socks, Crazy Aaron, Duke Cannon, FitBit, Food Should Taste Good, GoldieBlox, IdeaPaint, Lovepop, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, OtterBox, PopSockets, Quell, SimpliSafe, SodaStream, Squatty Potty, S’well, Withings, Yogibo, and others.

Grommet’s success is driven by a commitment to curating high-quality and innovative products and enabling it through a frictionless online retail experience that makes product discovery and product purchase easy. Grommet was acquired by Ace Hardware corporation in 2017 and maintains their startup culture and mission of finding innovative products, while helping to deliver qualified products to many of Ace Hardware’s stores.