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John Surane

Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising and Sales Officer

John Surane June 2016

John Surane is Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising and Sales Officer.

Since joining Ace Hardware in March 2009, Surane has made significant contributions towards enriching Ace’s selection of high quality, locally relevant and differentiated products accounting for over 100,000 SKUs and 2,200 vendors. Surane oversaw Ace’s acquisitions of The Emery-Waterhouse Company in February 2014 and Jensen Distribution Services in January 2015 to form Emery Jensen Distribution, operating under Ace Wholesale Holdings LLC. In his role managing the new business team, Ace Hardware opened over 850 new stores in the last 5 years.

In 2011, Surane was promoted to Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Advertising, Marketing and Paint. In early 2012, Surane’s responsibilities expanded to include Retail Operations and Sales. Prior to joining Ace, Surane was president of Skil Power Tools, a division of Bosch Tools. He also worked at Home Depot in a variety of merchandising leadership roles.

Surane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Northwestern State University, Louisiana. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.