09:30 AM

Ace Handyman Services Team Donates Handmade Blankets to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Denver

Gerson, Brooke

In the final week of January, the Ace Handyman Services (AHS) Support Center employees gathered in Denver for a series of internal meetings aimed at enhancing the franchise system. But, in the true spirit of camaraderie and community, the team ensured that the time together included a touch of fun for a good cause. This time, the focus was on supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN), and AHS was joined by the local CMN hospital representative for an enlightening session on the impactful work they do.

The team building portion of the meeting took an inspiring turn as the local CMN representative shared insights into how donated funds and goods play a crucial role in benefiting CMN Hospitals. CMN Hospitals provide essential support to children facing medical challenges, and understanding how AHS’ contributions make a difference was both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Following the educational session, AHS embraced the spirit of teamwork by breaking out into teams of four. The challenge? A friendly competition to create fleece blankets for the young patients at the local CMN Hospital – Children’s Colorado Hospital in Denver. The goal was not only to foster team bonding but also to make a tangible impact on the lives of children who receive these blankets as a source of comfort before heading into surgery or undergoing extensive testing.

Winning TEAM (3)

The collective effort resulted in the creation of 65 cozy fleece blankets. These handmade blankets will be distributed to the children at Children’s Colorado Hospital, providing them with a comforting companion during challenging times. It's a small gesture with a significant impact, showcasing the power of teamwork and compassion.