06:00 AM

A Veteran's Day message from Ace Hardware President and CEO, John Venhuizen

Ace Hardware salutes our nation’s veterans

Ace Hardware would like to take a moment today to pause and honor our United States veterans. With gratitude and appreciation, we recognize that the freedoms we enjoy today were built upon the backs of selfless men and women all across this nation, willing to risk their lives for their country.

And while Veteran’s Day was officially instituted to celebrate the end of World War I, we know that every day our brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces have their courage tested here and abroad. From the company whose name bears witness to the honorable WWI fighter pilots, “the Flying Aces,” let me respectfully thank our veterans, and also our active duty military around the world for your service – you are to be respected and uplifted.

It is thanks to your willingness to serve, your interminable patriotism and love of country that we, the benefactors of your sacrifice, are able to enjoy the fruits of a free nation.

Thank you for your service!

John Venhuizen

President & CEO, Ace Hardware Corporation